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Selection Criteria

The Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) Screening Committee uses the following criteria to evaluate potential Presenting Companies from the nutrition, health & wellness, natural and organic product, and green product industries:
Novelty and Unique Position
  • A demonstrated point of differentiation
  • New company or concept for investors; not ‘shopped around’ too much
  • Potential for leadership in a defined subsegment, channel or niche of some size
  • Protectability of product or service or technology; defense against copycats
  • Intellectual property: trademarks and patents
Economic Potential
  • Size and growth rate
  • Scalability; potential for economies of scale
  • Profitability; demonstrated gross margins
  • Exit potential: A variety of interested parties
The Management Team
  • Pertinent experience of executives: health & wellness, medical, startups, CPG companies, a specific distribution channel and/or marketing & sales
  • Demonstrated track record in early stage or returning capital
  • Surrounding team: investors, partners, marketing & distribution alliances, legal team
  • Star power and charisma; name recognition
  • Good branding or brand name, good quality & taste, unique packaging or presentation
  • The “WOW” factor; head turning potential

Stages of Investment

The NCN Screening Committee considers companies at the following stages:

Advanced Stage

Companies that have established revenue, growth and profitability history. Revenues of $20-$100 million or higher and looking for capital for major initiatives, growth, globalization or acquisitions Investments of $10-50 million usually sought.

Second Round or Later Stage

Companies that have already raised structured capital, with revenues of $5 million or higher and looking for growth capital. Investments of $5-20 million usually sought.

First Round

Typically companies beyond proof of concept with revenues of $1-5 million and raising outside or professional capital for the first time. Investments of $2-5 million usually sought.


Companies engaged in proof-of-concept or “pre-revenue”, typically bootstrapped or funded by family and friends and now ready for angel or early-stage venture financing. Revenues typically less than $1 million and seeking investment of $500,000 to $2 million.


For a typical NCN meeting, there may be 2-3 advanced companies, 6-8 in second round, 8-10 in first round and 3-4 startups.

Applications are free and accepted year-round