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Custom Innovation Project

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in human health and nutrition! Nutrition Capital Network is proud to offer an exclusive opportunity for Custom Innovation Projects tailored to the specific criteria of our Cornerstone Investors. 

What does the Custom Innovation Project Consist of?

We believe in tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of our partners. Our Custom Innovation Projects are meticulously designed to:

Establish Our Partners as Beacons of Innovation

Our objective is to promote our partners as central hubs for innovation and development in the realm of health and nutrition.

Identify Promising Ventures

Through strategic screening and evaluation, we aim to identify legitimate business opportunities for investment, partnership/collaboration, license, or acquisition in early-stage development or venturing.

Attract and Source Innovation

We create a robust pipeline and process to attract leads from diverse sources.

Want to hear more? Connect with Mike Dovbish now for more information.​

The Approach:

  • Mapping Out Search Criteria | Collaborating closely with you to define search criteria and innovation platforms 
  • Solicitation and Screening | Managing the solicitation process, including targeted marketing emails, initial screening, and follow-up with prospective companies
  • Leveraging Extensive Network | Coordinating and cataloging third-party referrals and leads from our extensive network
  • Creating a Pipeline | Developing a pipeline/funnel with a rating system and selection process to curate a list of companies aligned with the project parameters

The Investment

Together, let’s shape the future of health and nutrition. Contact us to learn more about how you can leverage this one-off opportunity for a Custom Innovation Project.