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Selection Committee Member

Tera Johnson

Tera Johnson is a serial entrepreneur whose mission is to create the next generation of environmentally and economically regenerative food and farming businesses. The founder of teraswhey, Tera participated in the full arc of creating a successful investor-financed company. Now the founder of the Food Finance Institute at UW Extension, Tera is a frequent speaker, teacher, and financial consultant to sustainable food and farming businesses, social venture funds, and investors. Her Food Finance Institute is currently launching Edible-Alpha, a curated open-source food business consultant community whose first members include individuals from UW Extension, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, non-profit educational organizations, the Wisconsin Food and Beverage Association, and private consultants. They are currently being trained to work with food businesses to build financially viable enterprises using financial and operational business model metrics, market research data, and best practices in financial management and leadership. Tera currently serves at the Board President of Slow Money WI and on other corporate boards.