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Selection Committee Member

Pradip Mukerji

Pradip Mukerji, PhD, is the Founder of Tech4Market Solutions LLC, a consulting organization focused on transformation of technological success to business growth in the areas of health and nutrition. Previously he was Senior Vice-President of Worldwide Research, Development, and Scientific Affairs for Herbalife Nutrition, a multi-billion dollar global company in the Food, Supplement, and OTC sectors. Prior to that, he served as Center Director of Asia-Pacific R&D for Abbott Nutrition to develop multiple research and development centers and launch new products in Asia that led to several hundred million dollars in incremental revenues. Pradip has built an extensive, open innovation network with partners across academic organizations, suppliers, consultants, and investors located around the world. His scientific leadership in molecular and cellular biology as well as development of natural products led to his selection as a Research Fellow in Abbott. Pradip is an inventor in more than 60 US patents and authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications. He received his doctorate in Immunology and Microbiology from Wayne State University School of Medicine.