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Selection Committee Member

Najla Guthrie

Najla Guthrie, President/CEO is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of nutrition andbreast cancer. Her original research, conducted at the Centre for Human Nutrition of the University of Western Ontario, focused on the anti-cancer effects of minor food components, flavonoids, limonoids andtocotrienols, in cell culture, animal models and clinical trials. Ms. Guthrie has published over 32 papers inpeer-reviewed journals and has given numerous invited presentations at national and international scientificand industry events. Her research, which has demonstrated the anti-cancer properties of citrus juices andtheir constituent flavonoids, continues to generate a tremendous amount of scientific and media interest. Afounding shareholder, Ms. Guthrie has successfully transitioned from a nutraceutical medicines researcherto CEO of KGK. The Company has under her leadership established, and executed on, a strategic planto leverage its research infrastructure and generate sufficient capital to finance the development of newand patented nutraceutical product groups of its own. Ms. Guthrie has led and managed the Company’sprofitable growth of its contract research business over the past 21 years; and has been responsible forrecruitment of an integrated research and product development team that today maintains a reputationfor world-class nutraceutical science. Ms. Guthrie is responsible for the strategic development of thepatenting process, marketing and sales strategies and business development. She is also responsible for the commercialization and licensing of KGK’s cholesterol reduction product currently being marketed. Inaddition, Ms. Guthrie is widely recognized as a leading nutraceutical industry expert and spokesperson; aswell as being active in several nutraceutical industry groups.