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Selection Committee Member

Ivan Abrams

Ivan is a highly successful banker and entrepreneur, with a passion for helping early stage businesses. With more than two decades of management and leadership experience, he has built his private debt fund, Abrams & Company, Inc., into one of the leading sources of non-dilutive working capital financing, and advisory support, to emerging food and beverage brands, and to the broader CPG community.  Since 2015, Abrams & Company has grown, on average, by more than 25% annually. While Abrams & Company’s funding engagements range in size from $100,000 to $15,000,000, it focuses primarily on brands with annual sales from $1MM to $15MM as an initial entry point for funding. Beyond being a significant source of capital, Ivan’s primary expertise is working closely with private equity firms, boards, and management teams, to help emerging brands scale, and increase their valuations in preparation for exit. In addition to the above, Ivan has advised several brands in the cannabis industry, having completed in depth research into the DEA’s, FDA’s, DOJ’s and congressional guidelines relating to the hemp marketplace. The results of his work are now considered industry standard by many of the nation’s leading law firms and consultants in the sector.