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Selection Committee Member

Dr. Geoffrey Margolis

Dr. Geoffrey Margolis is an entrepreneur with 40+ years experience in invention, patent creation, product development, complex problem solving and large scale product commercialization. With a passion for health related products, his career spans food, wine, cacao, medical devices and renewable energy. He has 25+ patents and brings a blend of deep scientific knowledge and hands-on manufacturing to invention and commercialization of new products. Geoff is President & Founder of NFF Inventions (medical devices) and New Food Frontiers, in addition to being Co-founder of GoFit Foods, a brand of meat alternative products. He has developed and licensed food products to some of the largest fast food restaurant & wine companies in the United States. Geoff spent 16 years in new product & business development for Nestlé. As head of LINOR (Nestlé’s largest New Product’s Development Center in Switzerland), he led the development of a many commercially successful new products worldwide. With a dedicated team of 250 associates, LINOR handled the entire product development process from conception to commercialization. Before joining Nestlé in 1972, he taught for four years at M.I.T. as an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering. He holds Doctorate and Master’s degrees from M.I.T. as a Fulbright Scholar.